About the Candid Goat

Hi, my name’s PJ Wehry, and I’m working on my MA in Philosophy of Religion at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. I’m interested in philosophy, art, and theology, but I’m even more interested in how they intersect and interact. Before I get into the purpose of this blog, let me tell you what it offers-
  1. Chasing Sophie- Every Monday morning, you will find a summary and analysis of a fifty page or less philosophical essay. The great thing about less than fifty pages is that if you find it interesting, you can read it for yourself in about an hour. 
  2. A Thing of Beauty- Every Tuesday morning, you will find a work of art, maybe a painting, a poem, or a song, and some background explaining the piece. 
  3. Works of Love- Every Thursday morning, you will find a reading from a theologian (normally about a paragraph) with some explanation. 
  4. Chewing the Cud- Every Sunday morning, you will find a 400-600 word piece on how these three areas interact. 
I’m no expert, though I’m working to try and become one. Most people will admit that philosophy and theology (and maybe even art) are important, but they don’t have enough time to study it. I’ll try to keep it light, but more importantly, I’ll provide you with access to these areas in bite-size chunks that will help you live a deeper, fuller life. Will reading one of my posts revolutionize your life? Probably not, though you never know. But I do believe that the questions and answers and mysteries that these areas represent are an integral part of living the good life. I’m in it for the long haul, and I hope you are too.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. You missed an awesome opportunity to use the phrase "Pygmy Goat"

    1. As a name for the blog, or as a weekly feature? I'm trying to think what weekly feature could be named Pygmy Goat, and all the possibilities are hilarious.